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I am a BABCP accredited cognitive behavioural psychotherapist which means I have undergone extensive training and have substantial experience in cognitive behavioural therapy for depression and a number of anxiety disorders including PTSD, OCD, GAD, social anxiety, specific phobias.


I trained as a cognitive behavioural therapist within the NHS and practiced within Coventry & Warwickshire NHS for 5 years as part of the IAPT service. I have also completed research within the NHS as part of my Masters degree in cognitive behavioural therapy several years ago at Birmingham University.

I have also completed advanced training in eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and obesity to help clients transform their relationship with food by treating the problem holistically. I have completed a Masters Practitioner Skills in Eating Disorders course at the National Centre for Eating Disorders in London.
I completed a postgraduate diploma in mental health nursing in 2006 and worked as a nurse for 4 years in acute mental health.


Experience and Skills

I currently have my own private practice delivering cognitive behavioural therapy to adults and adolescents with mental health problems and have been doing so for nine years. I carry out face-to-face therapy and I also offer cognitive behavioural therapy via the telephone.


I became director of Back on Track Ltd in October 2016. I have worked for Rehabworks part time for 3 years between 2015-2018. This involved delivering telephone CBT to employees within a number of large companies to enable them to return to work or sustain their time at work.

I am very passionate and enthusiastic about my field of work and continually update my knowledge and skills by attending a number of workshops throughout the year. I have worked within mental health for 20 years. Therefore I believe I have a sound understanding of various mental health problems. I hold a strong belief in the effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy, having seen a number of clients recover from a range of problems and continue to enjoy guiding people to better mental health.

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